The New and Improved TaoWander

The New and Improved TaoWander

We’ve done a MAJOR UPGRADE to our website because it was time to welcome 2023 with a new and upgraded look and feel.  We’ve spent a lot of time getting it ready and really hope that you find it easy to navigate.

For Wellness Travellers Seeking Retreats

We have shifted from a “concierge service” to listing quality retreats only. We make sure that only RELEVANT and QUALITY retreats are allowed on our site. We will be adding the review feature soon as well. 

This website is FREE for those seeking wellness travel experiences and we hope you really like all the offerings.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have by contacting us at [email protected].

For Wellness Retreat Owners and Wellness Hotel Owners

For the first time, retreat owners can add their own retreat (which is cued for approval) and choose the listing package they prefer. 

In addition, because we love all the wellness ideas that are going on in the world, we have added “Wellness Hotels” which include Vegan Hotels and Eco-Hotels.

The purpose of this site is to promote retreats and hotels whose primary focus is WELLNESS! 

Its easy to REGISTER and “Become an Author”, which is exactly what happens when you register. Authorship simply means that you can add a wellness retreat or hotel listing. 

We currently accept Paypal and will be adding Stripe and Venmo for payment processing.

We charge a listing fee now – NO COMMISSIONS! This makes it easy to list and no hassle. Your listing lasts 6 months and you can renew it.

If you take the Popular Listing Package, you get a FREE shoutout on my instagram via a post and story to my following of almost 18K subscribers! You also get a tweet on Twitter of my $5k+ subscribers.

If you are a retreat or hotel owner, please be as detailed as possible with your listing so that wellness travellers find you. As well, make sure your photos are good quality.

If you have any questions, want to see additions or wish to collaborate, please contact us at [email protected].

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