Market Your Retreat with a Wellness Travel Influencer

My name is Suzanne Daley, wellness travel influencer, and I want to market your retreat and make your brand smile! Do you have a wellness retreat that deserves attention?  I can help you as an influencer.  With over 23,000 followers in combined social media channels, I can send a message with healing power. Lets create success together!

Looking For Ways to Promote Your Brand?

Brand Development

I’m skilled at Brand Development. Talk to me about your brand and we’ll bring it to life.

Website Design

I’ve always loved website design and how it can really be a work of art as well as functional. 


Its always good to have unique and beautiful photographs to share with your audience.

Video Production

Video is king in the world of internet. Talk to me about creating a video.


Need help with putting it together and creating a set of goals for your business?


Need help writing your story? Let me help you!

As a wellness travel influencer, I love travel brands that are built upon wellness, green and sustainability. Follow my youtube channel, to see my art of storytelling through images and video.  Check out my recent trip trip to India.

Please talk to me about your wellness retreat / trip / product!

A Passion to Promote Wellness Travel

By partnering with an influencer who aligns with your brand, you get focus, passion and engagement. Are you a brand, company, hotel, resort, destination, or attraction that specializes in one of the areas listed below. Please contact [email protected] so I can helping you with marketing your retreat today!


EcoTravel & Responsible Tourism

Are you a tour company that specializes in ecotravel & adventure, wellness travel, spiritual travel, responsible tourism, wildlife safaris, hiking/walking tours, off-beat travel or authentic cultural adventures?


Luxury Wellness Retreats

Do you offer wellness with an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility towards a greener future? I would love to help promote your resort/retreat.


Plant Medicine Retreats

Do you offer plant medicine retreats such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin and other transformative plant medicines? Let me help you promote your retreat.


Consciousness / Wellness Store

Are you selling goods relating to or supporting ecotravels or self-discovery that promote wellness travel and sustainability? Let me promote your goods on my channels.


Ready To Promote?
Let's Get There, Together.

Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you promote your wellness retreat/resort or eco-product.