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What we do

Hi there! I’m Suzanne. I’ve been traveling around the world exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures. 

I love promoting wellness retreats through this website as a wellness travel listing service and also enjoy marketing retreats as a wellness travel influencer.

By showcasing your wellness retreat on our website, you’ll get a direct link to your website where a potential guest can book with you.

We want the right people to be able to find you!


it all began

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I created “” after attending an Ayahuasca retreat near Pisac, Peru in 2016. I designed it to be a referral based website / travel blog for wellness travel, ecotravel and spiritual travel.

The routine of daily life, especially in cities, can become like the rat on the wheel while not focusing enough on inner growth and spirituality. I saw a need for people to find options for wellness experiences through travel.

Getting the word out there can be challenging for retreat owners!

This is where TaoWander can help! Today, it’s a wellness travel listing service to assist retreat organizers in marketing their wellness retreat, hotel or ecolodge. It also provides a benefit to the public of these unique wellness travel experiences. Retreat owners can now upload their own retreat and be responsible for their content. TaoWander only allows content that provides wellness travel experiences.* 

There are many yoga related travel listings out there and I saw an opening for websites that incorporate ideas like digital detox, hiking, swimming, surfing and overall wellness type activities as well as yoga.

In this quest, our goal is to provide unique wellness travel and spiritual travel experiences. As well, we want to provide information relating to wellness, wellness travel and ways to improve our daily lives. 


*We reserve the right to disallow listings that are not in alignment with our values or are not relevant to wellness travel. Refunds will be provided for listings that are not a good fit.


Wellness Travel Marketing

Our philosophy is to provide a simple and quality wellness travel listing service to retreat owners, wellness hotel and ecolodge owners who are embracing the new age of wellness and sustainability in travel. We also provide the public with an excellent source of unique wellness travel experiences around the globe.
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What's in the Name?

The name TaoWander implies two things: “The Art of Wander” and “TAO” “Wander”. The art of wander requires little explanation, as wandering is a joy for those who love it. TAO is an ancient Chinese word that encompasses “the path”, “the way” or “the movement of the universe”, embodying Heaven and Earth, the Cosmos… the natural order of nature.
I have always loved “play on words”. The name embodies the “enchantment of wandering” and implies a sense of mystery or wonder. Wandering brings us to different parts of ourselves. I am a nomad at heart and embody the joy of wandering and appreciating this beautiful earth.