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About Us

TaoWander is a referral based website blog for wellness travel, ecotravel,  sustainable travel and spiritual travel as well as some really awesome items related to traveling or adventure.  The purpose is to provide a service to those looking for great and unique travel adventures that encompass the vibe of green and sustainable travels and at the same time giving credit to the retreats, hotel and ecolodge owners who are embracing this new vibration of sustainability.

The name TaoWander implies two things:  “The Art of Wander” and “TAO” “Wander”.  The art of wander requires little explanation, as wandering is a joy for those who love it.  TAO is an ancient Chinese word that encompasses “the path”, “the way” or “the movement of the universe”, embodying Heaven and Earth, the Cosmos… the natural order of nature.  The name embodies the “enchantment of wandering”.  It also implies a sense of mystery or wonder.  Wandering brings us to all different parts of ourselves.  Getting closer to the self-gets us closer to our own inner spirit.

It is with great gladness in my heart that I have created this blog, TaoWander, as it puts my best foot forward into the love of travel, the love of wandering and of course keeping in tune with the natural balance of the earth. In this quest, I plan on getting better at being highly sustainable, green and providing lots of information and opportunities for people to seek out sustainable travel options, wellness vacations that bring peace within and amplifying the choice to be GREEN in our endeavors!

Peace within is the most important piece of magic that happens when we become in tune with the earth.  My wish is that those who seek out travel options here find that and so much more! Namaste!

Suzanne Daley

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien