7 Reasons to Make a Conscious Choice to See Whales and Dolphins In The Wild

7 Reasons to Make a Conscious Choice to See Whales and Dolphins In The Wild

My first ecotour with dolphins in the wild was at The Divine Dolphin in 1999 in Costa Rica.  I remember doing a search for “where you can swim with dolphins” and we found it!  My ex-husband and I made a conscious travel experience where we stayed at an eco-lodge in the middle of the rainforest and then later would go out in the boat and see if there were dolphins around.  Sure enough, we saw them every day.  They usually liked to swim near us and follow the boat for awhile.

This experience was the first time I had ever been exposed to dolphins in the wild and the first time in Costa Rica experiencing wildlife adventure tours.

I consider it to be ecologically, one of the best places to travel.  We were lucky to have a marine biologist with us the entire time who gave us a lot of education about dolphins, their interpersonal lives and feeding activities.  Since this experience, I have continuously advocated for their health and safety.

Understanding Whales and Dolphins In The Wild

I am a HUGE passionate fan of dolphins and whales and I have been as long as I can remember being on this earth. It goes without saying that I also advocate for them quite regularly on my personal facebook page as well as TaoWander. To be clear, dolphins and whales are probably the very least understood of animals on planet earth. For one, they live in the ocean, whereas we as humans live on land.

It is said that we know less about our oceans than we do about navigating space.  As much scientific research as we have done on these exquisite creatures, we still have no real idea of the meaning of all the clicks, whistles and big vibrating songs – other than the fact that they have a highly complex form of language that we still don’t understand.

All I know is that from my heart, I feel a deep and healing connection to all cetaceans.  I feel that we need to take a closer look to “understand” them without being invasive and disturbing.

It is with this thought and through my own spiritual awakening process, that I wanted to list the 7 reasons to make a conscious choice to see whales and dolphins in the wild.

1) It’s on your bucket list

You saw Star Trek IV (truly the very best Star Trek ever!!!) and you’ve have been putting it off for years.   You’ve been wanting to spend time with dolphins because you have heard so much on the internet and the news that there’s something wonderful about dolphins and whales.

Regardless, seeing them in the wild is something that has always intrigued you and NOW is the best time to experience it.  Just like Spock, you can Swim With Humpback Whales in Dominican Republic for 6 Days and learn a ton of humpback whale facts.

2) You want to see cetaceans outside of an awful chlorine filled tank

Yes please, for goodness sake, DO NOT VISIT AQUARIUMS!!! Dolphins are usually captured against their will, taken away from their families and basically tortured and put inside an awful chlorine filled pool.  That pool is equal to the size of swimming in your bathroom toilet (figuratively speaking). Seriously, the water is polluted and toxic and their lives are considerably shortened by living in such awful conditions.  There’s little likelihood for a healing connection here.  If you really want to have an authentic healing connection with dolphins, check out our 7 Day Sacred Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini.  There’s classes on mindfulness, yoga and magical wild dolphin encounters to make your heart sing.

dolphin in tank

It is also worthy to mention that they use echolocation as their form of communication.  Thus, the waves bounce off the walls of the pools and literally hurt them over a long period of time. Visiting an aquarium is truly not conducive to learning anything useful about them in any way that is normal.

If you are still considering visiting an aquarium, consider the above, consider being robbed of your home, the ENTIRE OCEAN, taken away from your family and then forced to perform a bunch of intelligence insulting tricks in front of a group of people. It really is twisted if you look at it from their perspective.  If you’re still not sure, watch BLACK FISH.

3) You have heard of a healing connection that comes from being in their presence

Some of the captive facilities in the world have also used this as a means to capture them and then use them in “dolphins assisted therapy”. The only problem with this is obvious (as per #2). However, dolphins in the wild will act on their own will and provide healing naturally through their own vibration. You may have not expressed it to your friends and family because they may think you’re weird especially if you feel like you can communicate with them. Many people with all sorts of different ailments from cancers to injuries have felt a strong healing connection between them and dolphins. To be alleviated from suffering seems to be a gift that both dolphins and whales can provide to us humans. Wouldn’t that be a gift to experience?

4) You have seen “The Cove” and want to make sure you see them in person

5) You feel a calling to be near them

You don’t know why, but like me you just have this strange and compelling reason to spend time with these beautiful creatures. Their energy calls to you like there’s something really important to learn.  Strong emotions come up when you watch videos about them on youtube.

You want to do your part to help them in some way. Meeting them definitely provides you with some fuel to help. If you feel a calling towards them, please do so, because there’s definitely a reason. Perhaps they are your spirit animal or perhaps you just need to see them and feel the joy of being in their presence. Make the trip and I promise you will always cherish every moment you spent with them.

You can also choose to swim with wild dolphins!  We have some of the best wildlife tours and wild dolphin adventures such as Sacred Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini and this Magical Luxury Experience to Swim With Dolphins in Hawaii.

6) Many cetacean species are under threat or endangered

Many species are endangered, like the Northern bottlenose dolphin, the amazon river dolphin and the humpback whale. The good news is the humpback whales are rising in numbers again and we can thank all the non-profit work around the world for helping to protect them. Seeing them in the wild may also help you want to be more active in helping them!

7) You are concerned about the amount of pollution, plastics & seismic testing in our oceans

There’s no doubt about it, mankind has been less than kind to our oceans. We have consumed so much plastic and dumped it all in the ocean only to devastate our cetaceans and other beautiful sea creatures with our garbage. Then to make matters worse, for the purpose of getting more gas and oil, we use seismic testing which creates huge boom noises that are perilous to those that live in the ocean.

Whatever your reason to see whales and dolphins in the wild, know this… they can use your help! Consider giving back to them. Help them by speaking out for them on your facebook, Instagram and any other social media you use.

Find an organization that is working hard to protect dolphins and whales. Make conscious travel decisions in your life! Here’s a list to choose from http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/organizations-dedicated-to-marine-conservation/


Suzanne Daley

Suzanne Daley is the owner of TaoWander LLC, wellness retreat promotion and marketing around the world since 2016.

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