5 Incredible Animal Communication Stories That Will Challenge Your Beliefs

5 Incredible Animal Communication Stories That Will Challenge Your Beliefs

If you think that humans are the only creatures on this planet that can communicate, think again! Scientists have found that animals communicate with us and other animals in a variety of ways, and some of these animal communication stories are truly incredible.

First, some back story

I was raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and grew up with a lot of cats and kittens as my mother was a breeder of Persian cats.  For anybody who is not quite sure what a Persian cat looks like, they are the super soft and fluffy ones.   That’s me below with my dad and Misty. (My dad had to learn to love cats because he wasn’t so sure about them like I was)

Animal communication Suzanne

I must admit, I learned a lot from cats as a child.  I felt like they could speak to me telepathically.  I remember that they knew me better than my human family did.

Why is that?  Because cats see and sense vibration, as do most animals.  Humans have been “raised” to hear words, not feel vibrations.  Even noted spiritual speaker and developmental biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, says that language hides feelings.  As much as I love language, there is another language that requires no words and most animals do it naturally.

We Can All Learn To Communicate With Animals

This is what brings me to this wonderful and joyful blog about animal communication.  Having grown up around animals and having seen and felt their love, I know that there is a presence within.  It is within our power to hear their voice and speak to them telepathically with our positive vibrations.

“Learning how to communicate with animals is just like learning any other language. The more you practice, the better you become.” ― Karen A. Anderson, Animal Communicator and Medium

All of these stories are near and dear to my heart and will likely challenge everything you know about the animal world itself.  In the majority of my blogs, I usually impart the importance of connecting to nature.

I do believe that perhaps one day in our evolution, we will find our way back to vibratory communication. I say “back to” because I believe there was a time in our ancient history that we did communicate without words.  See my recent blog on “Can We Achieve Greater Wellness Through Understanding Our Ancient Past?

I believe one of the ways we will learn it is by watching beautiful stories like the ones I am sharing below.

1) The Incredible Story of Tippi Degré

This is the story of Tippi, the French girl who became a bushman and was loved by all the creatures – some of the most seemingly dangerous animals on the planet!  This little girl was raised with lions, tigers, elephants, ostriches and other incredible animals from Africa.  The slideshow photos of her are absolutely breathtaking and she was only 5 years old when most of these were taken!

Why do elephants bow down to her and pick her up on their back?  The response could simply be that the elephants know her. They can “feel” her “vibration”.  If you have ever spent time with an elephant, you will hear their low frequency vibrations.  They communicate with one another through vibration, which can be heard for up to 2 miles!  I encourage you to check out Tippi Degre documentary here and you will discover this most amazing girl, a Bodhisattva.

I keep saying to myself that I want to be Tippi when I grow up!  Yes, I do!  The wisdom of this little girl is beyond most adults on the planet.

2) The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles

I, for one, have always had a bit of a fear of crocodiles.  Their sheer size, power and teeth are a bit scary!  And yet, I feel that they are incredible creatures that are misunderstood.  This video clearly shows that we need to learn more.

What makes this story so amazing is the intimacy between Chito and Pocho.  The crocodile, affectionately called Pocho, was injured from a bullet wound to the head.  It was Chito, the man, who helped nurse this beautiful crocodile back to health.  It took Chito 3 years to learn a form of touch communication with Pocho.  As well, Chito learned a lot from Pocho’s eyes and learned how to communicate back to him through his own eyes.

The funny part of this story is that “Chito”, the man who swims with crocodiles, was doing his crocodile visits at night and his wife thought he was out having an affair with another woman!  The moral of the story… never make assumptions.  This story is truly heart-warming on every level.  If you want to watch the entire one hour documentary, you can watch it here.

3) An Angry Leopard Who Found Peace With Noted Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach

It is important to note that this leopard had been abused as a circus animal and was taken in to an animal sanctuary known as Jukani Wildlife Predator Park, run by  Jurg Olsen.  Jurg was struggling how to deal with the cat because he wasn’t responding well in his new environment.

He realized that he needed help and decided to try the services of noted animal communicator Anna Breytenbach.  This is a beautiful story of transformation for the leopard and his owner!

While watching this, I was having so many “aha” moments.  As having been near cats ny whole life at home and at cat shows, I had seen many behaviors.  This particular story really brings me back to the biblical sense of “the word”.  Yes, words matter. They do matter as they form shapes.  We shape ourselves and the world with our words.  You can see the power of words through my blog Healing Yourself During Difficult Times

4) A Lady Named Ocean, Who Swims with Great White Sharks

Say what?????


Ok, we have all heard of divers swimming with sharks out there.  We may even think that they are dare devils or extreme in some way.  However, what if the reality is that we are extreme for fearing them as we have been for so many years?

This story really challenges the current view of sharks, which is mostly negative in the press and in movies. Jaws, came out in 1975 and was a huge blockbuster hit grossing $470,700,000 world-wide.  However, it had a very dark side.  After this movie was released, people grew very fearful of the ocean and thousands of sharks were needlessly killed.  Even Steven Spielberg himself knows that he created some karma with sharks and still fears the water.

Shark Week is also a big deal on television and people tune in to feel the fear of big sharks.  But what if we have been thinking wrong about these creatures all along?

I may not be ready for a swim with them, but I am truly pleased to witness this kind of animal communication.  It shows us once again that perceptions can change.

The most startling statistic, Ocean says “Less than 10 human fatalities annually and globally… yet people kill 70 to 100 MILLION sharks every year”.  Hmm, who is more dangerous???

5) Koko, The Gorilla Who Learned Sign Language

You may have heard of Koko, the Gorilla who was raised by humans at the San Diego Zoo and later lived at The Gorilla Foundation’s preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Koko was highly intelligent and learned sign language.  She had friends including celebrities like Fred Rogers and Robin Williams, who described her as a “mind-altering experience”.  Koko passed away on June 19th, 2018 and has left an incredible legacy.

When you consider that we share similar chromosomes and yet, Gorillas have 48 chromosomes and we humans only have 46.  I find this fascinating.

My Personal Experience With Animal Communication

Gypsy, my family cat, was known to bring in the occasional mouse or bird.  In fact, she brought me a blue jay once.  Thankfully she didn’t kill it, but it was shocking that she caught it!  One day she brought a mouse in the house and then for about 1/2 hour she tortured the poor animal until it finally died.  She showed it to me like it was a gift, except I wasn’t impressed.  Instead, I spoke to her and told her that if she was going to kill an animal and bring it in the house, that she must eat it as to not be wasteful of this life.  I literally gave her a lecture.  She gave me a bit of a disappointed look, but seemed like she was listening.

The next day… she brought in another mouse.  Within about 5 minutes of playing with it, she killed it and then proceeded to eat it!  I could not believe my eyes!  She actually took my advice????  Is this possible???

She was around 12 years old at the time and I was in shock that she would eat a live animal especially when she had cat food.  But, this is the mystery of animal communication.  Did she hear my words or did she see and feel how I was sending her telepathic pictures of what I wanted her to do?  This is the question.

I, for one, have much bigger respect for animal intelligence simply because of this moment.

Healing An Injured Turtle

When my daughter Zenara was little, she loved animals of all kinds.  She was always looking for ways to have more animals in the house.  One day she finally convinced us that we should have a turtle.  We bought the red slider turtle and put her in a good size aquarium.  At first, we all loved spending time with the turtle named Kiwi.  Over time though, our lives got busy and Kiwi wasn’t getting as much attention.  Red sliders can grow to be quite big!  Eventually she outgrew her aquarium to the point that one day she fell out of it onto the cold hard stone floor.  When she fell, her shell cracked and she had an open wound.

I was in shock that this had happened and worried that Kiwi would die due to her injuries.  I had looked up many stories on the internet.  They all said that a cracked shell was going to be the end of her life.  I could not find one good story of a turtle surviving a cracked shell.  I simply REJECTED all of the stories and decided to care for her in my own way using my best skills and sending a lot of healing energy to Kiwi.

I put her in a relatively small container where I could put some diluted hydrogen peroxide on the wound and add the homeopathic arnica to the water.  I did this daily for a couple of weeks – changing the water several times a day.  I also talked to Kiwi everyday letting her know that I was sorry this had happened and that I wanted her to have her freedom.  Kiwi healed up like a champ!  We were so thrilled to see how beautifully she healed.  It was a miracle!

Since we knew that she had outgrown the enclosure and that our lives had gotten busy, we decided to look for a turtle sanctuary.  This was one of the best moments of pet love in our family.  We all went to the sanctuary together where we got to release her into a giant pond.  I felt like she was saying “thank you” to us as she swam away.

A Reminder About Wild Animals

I know this blog is about 5 incredible stories, but I needed to include this short one about a thirsty King Cobra.  As you can see in this video, these are trained snake handlers.  However, it warms my heart to see compassion for potentially “dangerous” animals like this one.

Even though I am a proponent for positive animal communication experiences, I do not recommend that you run out and pet a crocodile or a lion in the wild.  Rather, I recommend that you practice with your closest animal friends, your pets and try talking to them as you would talk to a friend.

Next time you go on a hike or a walk in nature, remember this blog and perhaps you can see nature in a whole new way.

Do you have any amazing animal communication stories?  I would love to share them


Suzanne Daley

Suzanne Daley is the owner of TaoWander LLC, wellness retreat promotion and marketing around the world since 2016.

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