A Powerful Healing Miracle for Ivy and Judy

A Powerful Healing Miracle for Ivy and Judy

I believe that powerful healing stories need to be shared and the best part is I got to witness this story unfold.  It was in the witnessing of one of my animals during a healing crisis that I learned how to truly listen to their needs.  I noticed that there is a healing connection between how I am feeling and how my animal is feeling.

This story is about a miraculous healing that occurred with my dear friend Judy and her beloved dog Ivy.  It is such a profound story between a healer and her dog.

It also may prompt the question…. who healed who?

The Shaman Dog

When I first met Ivy 5 years ago, I fell in love.  She glowed with her beautiful shiny white coat and her energy was like a shaman in a dogs body.  Her presence in the room was remarkably healing.  She charmed people with her presence so easily and readily.

The Shaman Dog

I was also a bit surprised to see her as Judy had sworn off of owning animals after the last pet death.  However, somehow Ivy managed to find Judy.

I have noticed that a lot of the time the animal chooses the owner, not the other way around as most people assume.  Ivy is definitely a case of finding her owner, Judy.  Animals have a way of wiggling their way in to our lives, no matter how much we may say we don’t want or need them.

Sudden Bad News

Recently, on August 23rd, I messaged Judy as I had not heard from her in a while and asked how she is doing.  She replied saying that she was feeling emotional as her dog Ivy was not feeling well and she did not know what was going on.

Later that day, she texted me saying that she took Ivy to emergency.  By the evening, she texted that it may be 50/50 liver cancer!!!

I considered Ivy like a “guardian angel” spirit dog.  Hearing this news was not good and I just couldn’t believe it.

At first, I felt that lump in my throat and the feeling of tragedy, as that is what we are all trained to do when we learn of a disease.  Then I remembered, we are not our bodies, we are our thoughts.  All the teachings that I spend so much time reading and listening like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, suddenly become integrated.


I knew that Judy was in a deep state of shock and despite the fact that she has facilitated many healings with people and other animals, Ivy was close to home.

Let Go and Let God

It was at this moment that I felt a miracle was going to occur.  I sent her a text with this video (which I’ve published in a previous blog post) and let it go.

It was a few days of silence before I heard anything from Judy and I thought it best to let it go.

On August 27th, she replied to my video message and said “other factors” were at hand.  It was a time of let go and let God.  I felt as though all I needed to do was send love.

I replied back to her with OK and sent her and Ivy loving healing energy.   As this was going on, I was also beginning to practice Ho’oponopono, which I wrote about in my blog Healing Yourself in Difficult Times.

From Darkness to Light: Ivy’s Story

On September 4th, I got the following group message from Judy that was sent to several people who know and love Ivy as I do.

“IVY”  – GIRL DOG BEING – GOOD NEWS  I want to deeply thank each & all of you who prayed for Ivy girl and who sent loving healing energy to her throughout the past two weeks.

If you have a moment to read, I have tried to explain this journey that we went on together…

We have been taught that the “goal” is: Don’t attach; Stay neutral…

Or don’t!  Sure, go down that rabbit hole and get ready to suffer & come out the other side having learned more along the ever expanding  journey into Consciousness…

Since August 22nd I have been fully attached & emotionally overcome in watching our beloved Ivy as she succombed to an unknown bodily attack.  Lethargic listless and completely weak, we brought her to the Vet Hospital.

Over just a couple of days she dropped 20 lbs and a lot of fur, along with other shocking  symptoms but it was the Liver they were most concerned over; thinking it was  most likely a tumour in the liver – which would continue to be accompanied with lots of  pain & downhill suffering til her passing.

As compensation, they told that we were fortunate, as because off Ivy’s mixed breed, she had outlived the given age span of 11 years (I kept thinking she was always 9 – an ever youthful bouncy dog…  so i never attached to her actual aging process, wherein fact she’s actually in her 15th year!)…

We brought her home from the hospital and began our plans for euthanizing and cremation; being in agreement that the less pain and suffering she was to go through, the better.

Night and day we fed her pain medication and offered her several brand new different options of nutritional intake along with bucket loads of good water.  She would take nothing but peperonata cheese! with the pain medication stuffed into it;  and Cat! Greenies, not Dog Greenies…

After 4 days we decided to take her off the pain medication because possibly that was what was keeping her dopey and tippy…

I offered her my usual morning smoothie mixture containing collagen and vital nutrients powder, kefir, mango juice, banana, flax seed powder and almond milk & she loved it – and she’s loved it ever since!

Days later she enjoyed canned tripe…then a big turning point, raw highly marbled prime meat on bone (for humans)…

It’s been 14 days now and she appears to have recovered   Her fur is regrowing; she has energy to lope and trot; and is pretty much back to her Queenly self.

Thank God we disengaged from the prognosis of the veterinary system & went with higher guidance.

Night and day laying with her and loving her and talking to her and listening to her and Praying Praying Praying and talking to the God Force of Angelic Beings…

Yes, going back & forth through those stages of grief including the bartering!  But the one thing I couldn’t agree to was acceptance. I kept rolling back to the other stages.

From my current perspective,  I can say Prayer does work – if it is in synchronicity with Divine Will.

And I leave it with you to possibly ponder what saved my darling Ivy Dog Being!

So as my good friend Heidi would say, “this is my story” 😀

PS  And yes, dog beings are well established in telepathic communication.

With loads of Gratitude, Thank You

The Miracle of Silence

It was with this message,  I knew a miracle had occurred.  My original gut feeling that this was going to work out well, did indeed!


I knew I had to ask Judy if she would be willing to let me share her story as a message of hope and healing for any pet and pet owner.  She graciously accepted.

I also asked what her “aha” moment was in this healing journey.

She replied with the following:

Ivy has taught me by her own silence to Bring me to Silence thereby becoming more receptive of her offerings via telepathy… as opposed to how we usually are with animals which is talk to them and transpose our thoughts of what we think they’re thinking.

I was brought to Surrender when I was so far down and realized I had zero control or power over any of it.  I reached the point where i felt i simply could not bear her leaving…

Then that moment came when I realized she was looking at me so intently and each time when I would Not be speaking, rather I was love-talking to her in my head; she would respond by lifting her paw in her gentle weakness reaching out to touch my face…each time over & over.

So sweet loving & clear eyed, looking directly not averting her eyes nor looking down like her oftentimes rather subordinate way.

I felt her love for me… I in a sense was her lesser, a child & she, the teacher.”

Ivy in Nature

Judy’s response to me is so fitting and heart felt.  Sometimes, we do not have all the answers as to what is going on and that letting go is really all we have to do in order to allow the magic to happen.  This appears to be the case with Ivy and Judy.  I am so grateful for both Judy and Ivy that silence made room for the answer to arrive.

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