6 Ingenius Companies Making Top-Tier Sustainable Products

6 Ingenius Companies Making Top-Tier Sustainable Products

As a blogger for wellness travel, I get excited when I see amazing changes going on in the field of sustainability.  I am always on the lookout for more interesting products made with love for humanity and the earth.  We are here to learn and grow and hopefully make this world better each and every day.  Thus, the idea of conscious travel and conscious sustainable products is my anand (bliss).

In the process of living my life in a nomadic way, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.  I am dedicating this blog to my former roommates in Berkeley who are now growing their own vegetables in the backyard and making a difference in their own lives and others.  “Thanks for all the wonderful shared meals of beautiful food made with love.”

Sustainable Products and Companies

I love to share knowledge about sustainable products and companies that are helping communities, the ocean, the forest… our planet! Sharing good news and inventions returns us to being responsible for ourselves, our lives and the earth.

As much as we hear bad news, there is an enormous amount of very positive news to share. As my journey progresses, I choose to focus the majority of my attention on the people and the companies that are making a positive difference to the world.

In the near future, I look forward to seeing hotels, restaurants and other service industries who have been relying on plastics to shift their thinking towards alternatives like the ones listed below.

As we yearn for improved sustainable tourism, we also yearn to consume smartly along the way.

The greatest memories I have in the world of travel are the places that focus on eco-friendly and sustainable options.  Like my stay in Goa, India at the Beach Street Eco Hotel was one of the finest examples of a truly peaceful and memorable experience in an eco-friendly environment.

I’m a real fan of seeing improvements in the world, and I want to share some great knowledge.

1. LoliWare – Who says we have to give up the straw?

Their headline reads “Our devotion is to the ocean”, and it shows! The pioneering idea of utilizing the worlds leading seaweed technology to replace single use plastics is my favorite company on the Ingenius list. It looks and feels like plastic, “designed to disappear”.

They call it “hyper-compostable” and “marine degradable”. This 100% plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free and non-GMO straw can handle 18 hours of use. Made from the regenerative resource of seaweed! I love how there are so many beautiful colors and the company was started by women!

This awesome idea comes from two young women who went on the tv show, Shark Tank. You can watch the episode here. The edible straws are made from seaweed, natural derived color and natural sweeteners.

2. Evergreen Eco Concepts – Disposable plates that feel good!

Have you ever heard of the Areca palm leaf?  This next company designs plates out of this very special leaf.  Let me tell you, this is one sexy plate!  Made from 100% leaf and pressed together with heat, these plates are truly the most respectable convenience plate on the planet.  To dine on these plates feels like love to me!

I would love to see these at the next party I attend!

3. MycoWorks – Mushroom Leather

Yes, this is the fungi of our future!  Check this out.  From someone who used to do cosplay and once enjoyed working with leather, this is such an amazing and revolutionary idea in fabric.  I am particularly fond of this for so many reasons!

For anyone who wants to be more ecologically responsible, this fabric is truly awesome.  I love the fact that it can replace plastic types of leather and is completely sustainable and biodegradable.

As an artist, I think this material would be super fun to play with and make some amazing new things!

Look at taowander in the future to offer the sale of items that use sustainable materials like this!

Also, if you want to see another innovative company using mushroom leather, check out their stuff at Ecovative Design.

4. Ananas-anam – Leather made from pineapple leaves

I love this innovative and sustainably sourced fabric, also known as Piñatex.  Dr. Carmen Hijosa found herself wanting to create something sustainable upon her business trip to the Phillipes in the 1990’s.  After witnessing the environmental impact of mass leather production, she took it upon herself to find a way to make something truly sustainable for the future.  This non-woven textile is sure to be around for a long time to come thanks to Carmen.

5. Kaffeeform – Coffee cups made from used coffee grounds

I love how the desire to want something changed, creates an idea and an action.  This is the case with Julian Lechner, who decided that he wanted  to do something with excess coffee grounds that normally go to the garbage or compost.  Coffee is loved by millions around the globe, so this is a super win-win solution to the waste with cups and something that continuously renews itself.  This beautiful sustainable product is sure to be appreciated for a long time!

I love how this coffee shop in Barcelona has adopted the kaffeeform.  Next time I go there, I will definitely check them out!



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6. Bakeys Edible Cutlery – Finally a spoon we can eat!

What if you could eat the spoon you just had soup from?  This is the alternative to plastic we have been waiting for!  Thanks to the mastermind of Narayaha Peesapaty, we now have edible cutlery and more highly sustainable products!  Narayaha has had plenty of experience in developing innovative solutions for business.  He also holds an Honors Degree in Chemistry from Osmania University.

“The idea struck me while I spotted a few people us khakra to pick food served on a flight. Later I was familiarized with rotis made by Sorghum which are really hard and tough in texture. I had to soak them in dal or a while till it turned soter in order to consume. This pushed me to work on a organic spoon made of food, as an alternative to plastic spoons.” – Narayaha Peesapaty

He was also featured in Forbes magazine about the dream of zero waste!  We are definitely watching Mr. Narayaha Peesapaty.  I feel the need to give gratitude for his innovative thinking.  When we realize how easy it is to make a shift to a more conscious lifestyle, life begins to alter dramatically.


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