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Luxury Wellness Retreat with Active Adventures in New Zealand - 6 Days

Only 40 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand, this award winning luxury wellness retreat is for those who love breath, nature, self-development, alternative health, adventure, and results-oriented fitness.  Enjoying mindful active adventures in New Zealand in the inspiring natural setting will give you the feeling of pure ecstatic wellness.

Seeking green active adventures in New Zealand?

The intention of this retreat is to create a facility that represents the idealized living solution.  We merge ancient traditions with modern technology.  The buildings sit on an 8.4 hectare site (21 acres) on a sub-alpine terrace with an amazing view of Lake Wakatipu.  The site has a state-of-the-art green building management system which allows for efficient conversion of sun and water to energy.  The vision is inspiring luxury “zen style”, which includes intelligent design, proper function and incredible programming.

Utilizing a powerful program that connects nature, mindfulness, nutrition, yoga and functional movement, great results occur!  This all-inclusive retreat will make you lean, strong and flexible while giving you a renewed sense of purpose.

This luxury wellness retreat for your health and wellbeing understands the following principles:

  • Mindfulness helps us deal with stress anxiety and frustration while connecting us with our intuitive wisdom and joy.  Thus, daily practices here have sprinkles of mindfulness in sitting, walking and eating, improving our focus and building our emotional intelligence.
  • We connect with our body, our environment and ourselves, sharing our adventure with a small group and creating genuine long lasting friendships
  • Healthy eating is required for a healthy mind and body.  We place focus on hydration, probiotics and alkalinity.  Vegetarian cuisine from every color of the rainbow is expressed here.  As well, we offer paleo, gluten free, dairy free and enzymatically active food.  We believe in feeding the body that’s rich in phytonutrients, trace minerals and vitamins.  The cleansing aspect of health is very delicious!
  • Active movement increases endorphins and decreases cognitive decline.  Exercising is good for us as it reduces depression and anxiety.  While blending activities with nature, we bring back our child like playful self.  You’ll practice yoga, pilates, interval training and mountain climbing.
  • Toxic elimination and healing is a focus here.  We recognize that wellness is a choice!
  • Sustainable Tourism


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Day 1
A Typical Wellness Day

Sunrise Flow Yoga

Energizing Breakfast

Sub Alpine Hike

Nutrient Dense Lunch

Rejuvenation & Spa Time

Therapeutic Massage

Functional Strength Training

Nutrition Demo

Restorative Yoga

Mindfulness Practice


Write to Ignite or Spa Time

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Yoga
  • Sub Alpine Hiking
  • Small groups to maximize comfort and personalized attention of the retreats for our guests.
  • World Heritage Surroundings
  • Integrated Mindfulness Practices
  • Whole Foods Vegetarian Menu
  • Un-Cooking Classes
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Daily Aro Hā Massage
  • Contrast Spa Therapy
  • A Purpose Built Secluded Facility
  • Zen Inspired Eco Accommodation

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
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Luxury Wellness Retreat with Active Adventures in New Zealand
From $ 3,595
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Year Round: Check for Availability
  • Wellness, Mindfulness and Groundedness
plant based diet
Ready to heal