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Enjoy A Magical Humpback Whale Encounter in Tonga - 7 Days

Humpback whale encounter

This 7 day green eco adventure tour gives you 4 opportunities for a magical humpback whale encounter! You will be delighted with the service in every way including the handling of your domestic flights, detailed itineraries, what to expect and not expect, transfers, meals and snorkelling equipment.  You will learn “how to swim with whales“, as it is an important part of the program.  Every step of the way is guided so you feel joyous and comfortable on this amazing bucket-list worthy experience in Tonga.

We prefer group sizes of only 8 guests per tour in order to ensure maximized personal interaction with the whales.  The accomodation includes incredible beachfront bungalows that open to the most incredible snorkelling reef in the world.

The islands of Ha’apai is a wonderful place to have a humpback whale encounter.  This is due to the fact that there are only a handful of operators here compared to other high tourism neighboring islands.  This makes for peaceful times in the ocean with these beautiful creatures.  It is not likely you will see other boats on the water which adds to your secluded island getaway.  Thus, the time that you spend with the humpback whales will be gentle and non-invasive, minimizing any potential stress to them.

This environmentally conscious company only offers “green eco-tours” in Tonga that take people out to watch and swim with these giants of the ocean.  They promote responsible dolphin and whale watching worldwide and abide by the set rules and regulations.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • One night at the airport hotel in Tongatapu
  • Return inter island flights
  • 6 nights accomodation in an eco resort in Ha-apai
  • 4 days out on the boat swimming with humpback whales
  • All main meals
  • All transfers

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
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Enjoy A Magical Humpback Whale Encounter in Tonga
From $ 4,195
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Yearly: July thru October
  • Humpback Whale Communication & Behaviors
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