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I have been an transformational artist my entire life starting with finger painting. :) I wish I had some of those paintings today as I’m sure it would provide some interesting meditation for me. However, I do know that it was one of the first things I enjoyed doing for hours, especially in winter months living in Edmonton.

As I got a bit older I graduated to making geometrics with a spirograph (which is actually pretty cool because it was really the beginnings of my love for sacred geometry!) My father was Ukrainian and he wanted me to make “Pysanky” otherwise known as Ukrainian Easter eggs. I had found a new love that even my kindergarten teacher invited me over to her house to make them with her.

I advanced in the art of pysanky design and even won awards in Vegreville for my designs. My childhood history included winning quite a few artistic awards for art and dance. Before I graduated high school, I became fascinated with faces creating pencil sketches.

By the time I went to University, I was eager to grow more. I was also studying computer science (and graphic art) when it wasn’t really popular to do so. In fact, my university frowned on it at the time which caused me to drop out and I ended up doing quite a bit of freelance work. Leaving university at the time was a good thing as I had lots of jobs creating ads at several advertising agencies.  I had shifted my art to the computer instead of paper, which was a fun career move for me.

After getting married and having children, I did a little bit of painting with acrylics, but didn’t stick with it as I got interested in cosplay, which took my art to the sewing machine and crafting. I loved it and really enjoyed getting into different characters from some of my favorite movies.

A decade later I ended up moving to the US in Scottsdale, Arizona and worked in fine oriental rugs as marketing and sales manager. I ended up launching a custom rug program where I got to design transformational artist fine rugs and won 2 awards including best rug design and 2nd place in designing an entire rug line.  You can see some of my designs here when I visited Bhadohi, India!

Enter coronavirus lockdown 2020…

This time inspired me to get off the computer and actually paint again! Technically, I had started a year earlier when I was living in Berkeley for a short while as I was gifted a set of oil paints. The lockdown was the push for me to get started again using my hands and moving paint around.

My paintings are inspired by my love of animals, our beautiful earth, symbols and sacred geometry.  The hummingbird makes an appearance in many of my paintings as it is one of my most favorite totems. I have to thank Sedona and a magical trip to Peru with Ayahuasca as an influence to my style.