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Suzanne Daley

Volunteer at an Elephant EcoFarm in India + Sightseeing

Visited August 2017

This review is based on my 1-day experience with Rahul and Elefantastic on May of 2016. I had been looking for awhile for an opportunity to be up close and personal with elephants. When I knew that I was going to India, finding an Elephant that was in good care was my most important task. I found Elefantastic from reviews I had seen on TripAdvisor. After reading them carefully, I knew that this was the one for me.

Rahul introduced me to Shaku, the 28-year-old wise elephant of the family. She had been out all day playing with the herd and they were giving her a bath. In the first few moments, I grabbed my camera and was taking photos and video to capture this experience. Elephants have always been in my mind and heart, a spirit animal, one with very big and deep thoughts and their whole body is carried into their language which is a low vibration that carries for miles and miles. The language of elephants is beautiful and mystical and I am completely enchanted with their sound and structure.

Rahul took his time to be mindful of all the different aspects of elephant care and attention. He gave me special instructions on how to communicate with her especially being sensitive to her eyes and rubbing her under her chin. I am and for always grateful for this experience. She is a guide and a teacher and I hope to see her again soon! <3