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We want to market your retreat! Do you host special retreats?

Are you a brand, company, hotel, resort, destination, or attraction that specializes in one of the areas listed below, please contact me [email protected]

  • ECOTRAVEL & RESPONSIBLE TOURISM: a tour company that specializes in ecotravel & adventure, wellness travel, spiritual travel, responsible tourism, wildlife safaris, hiking/walking tours, off-beat travel or authentic cultural adventures
  • SUSTAINABILITY RETREATS: an eco-lodge or sustainable resort
  • LUXURY WELLNESS RETREATS: with an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility and the GREEN movement
  • WELLNESS RETREATS:  spa retreat, healthy eating retreat, cleanse retreat, yoga retreat, ayurvedic retreat or training
  • PLANT MEDICINE RETREATS: offering plant medicine retreats such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin and other transformation plant medicines
  • VOLUNTOURISM: volunteering and tourism opportunities for giving back to underdeveloped regions
  • CONSCIOUSNESS/WELLNESS STORE: selling goods relating to or supporting eco-travels or self-discovery that promote wellness travel and sustainability