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Unlock the mysteries of You and explore the land of the Ancients

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A spiritual tour and meditation retreat to Egypt is like no other.

Travel through the mysteries of ancient Egypt, along the Nile, from Giza to Luxor, and from antiquity to modern times.

Meditate in the Great Pyramid and experience energy portals to other times and dimensions. Hidden in Egypt’s rich history are dormant memories awaiting retrieval and where codes activate personal and global alignments. The Ancients sing to your Soul, calling you to return to wholeness. Temples remain alive in other dimensions to awaken ancient memories, a storehouse of wisdom that speaks deeply to you.

Egypt Spiritual Tour is designed for you to remember aspects of yourself and accelerate personal growth. Specific locations around the world help you remember memory imprinted in the Soul. Once you consciously bring the past life into conscious awareness, you can release the shadow imprints and past karmic lessons. Sometimes all we need to do is walk the land, and the actual steps become a déjà vu to remember the past and release.

The Egyptian temples and pyramids hold an ancient book of records and contribute to the original Earth paradigm. Traveling along the Nile, you will pick up threads of past life memory and take the memory from one place to another, weaving a beautiful tapestry of energy you feel personal and with the group energy. Much of Egypt lies untouched, still buried under the sands of the Arabian Desert.

Retreat Dates

September 17-30, 2023



Retreat Dates

September 17-30, 2023

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